Hello and Thank you for coming to our web site. My Name is Dallas, I’m Tony and I’m Joshua.


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Little information about Dalla

Hello! This is Dallas, and here is a little about me. 🙂 Some of you may not know but we have no cable in our house, I actually like to spend a lot of time reading and playing around online. My favorite thing is to invest in the stock market and spend a lot of time researching companies etc and keep up with financial issues of the present world.

My email address is Dallas@dallasandtony.com

A little about me, born on Christmas of 75’ to Romona L and Edward L of Erie Penn. Moved to Oklahoma and went to elementary in Yukon/Mustang, upon middle school, we moved to a small town of Paoli, just south of Paul’s Valley, I graduated from there in 94’, attended college in Ada, OK, during college I got married and had 2 children, at that time, we owned a restaurant in Paul’s Valley called R&D’s pizza, it was quite an accomplishment, from the day I bought the restaurant till the day I sold it, daily profits moved from 750.00 a day average to over 2300.00 a day, though I often fail to mention my food cost was 50+%…maybe that’s why it was so successful!!!! lol… In 99’ I graduated from the university with two bachelors degrees, 1 was in Criminal Justice and 2nd in psychology with minor in counseling. I started my first job with my degree at Joseph Harp Correctional Center in Lexington, OK. It was a dreadful job, for 3 years I hated going to work, I couldn’t stand hearing all the crimes people committed in life, I never thought of doing such things, I couldn’t help them mainly because I didn’t understand them…

As for my parents, it was such a wonderful childhood, they were always so supportive and loving, they never told me NO!… I can only remember once when my dad told me I couldn’t have a dresser that he had built…. It was crushing for me. hehe. he let me have anything I wanted… lol… funny the little things that leave impressions on a memory. My mom and dad were my best friends, even after moving out.. Wasn’t a day I didn’t talk to them on the phone… my dad had such and interesting job, he was an OSBI agent for the state of Oklahoma. For 30 years he was a homicide detective and solved every case set in front of him… one of his most famous cases what the Sirloin Stockade murders… another interesting bit about my dad, when growing up in Erie he dated a granddaughter of a very famous person… Milton Hershey…. Later my dad joked… I could have been the heir to the Hershey chocolate corporation… I think it made my mom a little jealous.. hehe…

My mom was a nurse, ran a nursing home and I would spend all my time there… maybe that’s why I always relate to older people than people my own age….. She was raised during the depression… yes.. my parents are old.. born in 1928… needless to say, my mother knew how to “get by”… she saved everything.. and worked hard to feed such a big family.. at the age of 19 she was working in a boy’s ranch in texas and had at least 30 kids under her care… wow… what a selfless person.. I don’t think I could do that!

In the summer of 2000 my mom was diagnosed with cancer of the lungs… I remember the day we found out, she went in for a bronoscopy and the doctor didn’t even have results yet, he walked up to my dad and told him that she had cancer and it was “everywhere”…. He crumbled under that pressure, god he loved her so much…. In September while working my mom called me at work, I knew something was really wrong, she never called me at work… she said “im in Ardmore, your dad had a heart attack, COME NOW”. I drove as fast as I could, on the way I was thinking.. no no no.. they were just celebrating their anniversary…how could this be? When I got to the hospital I turned the corner and you could see my mom thru the glass walls of the Emergency room… I realized at that moment.. my parents were older… and it really was inevitable.. One day I would not walk on this earth with them again…. There she set… with tattered shoes and messed up hair, I could tell she had been working in her garden when it must have happened… I went into the room where my dad was and he said… “take care of your mother for me. Take care of her!… I always loved you son… you know that right?…… Never again was I to hear is voice telling me he loved me. He had other duties not of this earth….. god took him home!

For years I think my mom thought it was her fault because of her cancer, but yet she never gave up fighting,… twelve years later she still lives with cancer… it hasn’t gotten the best of her…. Her faith plays a big deal in it….god blesses her daily.

After my father died, Tony and I moved to southern Oklahoma to live with her, I returned to school… thanks to tony I didn’t have to work and could put all my attention to it, 2 years later I graduated with my 3 rd bachelors in nursing.. I was so happy to finally to be doing something that I loved, after all… my mom was a nurse, I grew up in a nursing home that she ran…. It is a very fulfilling job… it really is… there are days when I think.. omg… that’s too hard! But seems like the next day.. something happens to remind me why I do it.

Now, my last partings… my thoughts on tony… I met tony a long long time ago… I knew then that one day.. we would be together, I cant explain it.. I just knew my family loved him it was the best thing that could have ever happened to me… we were best of friends… still are…not a day when I work weekends he doesn’t take time out of his day to bring me lunch.. when I get home at night… he lets me lay there on the couch and rubs my feet while I tell him… “what a horrible day”…lol… he baby’s me.. prob a little too much… but he knows.. I adore him……

A little update on us currently is after 12 years of marriage to one another, Tony and I decided to search for a child to adopt.  We went to an adoption party back in Jan 2011 and met this young man named Joshua.  He was just like us and loved to do the same things we did.  By Early April he was living with us and its been the happiest times of our lives.  He completes us.  He gives us life and keeps smiles on our faces.  He is so talented and spiritual.  He works hard at school and has a special place in our heart.

Well, if you took the time out to read this… Thank You.. Means a lot to me, I promise to always take time out to listen to your story…I promise

Dallas L




Little information about Tony

Hello! This is Tony and I am 37. I like watching TV also and am really big into Sci-Fi. I like playing with computers and working on websites. Love being outdoors, fishing, camping and really like animals. I also love to read about the newest Technology and Computer related information for my occupation. You can email me anytime you like. My email address is Tony@dallasandtony.com


Little information about Joshua.

Hello friends,

Well a little about me uh?  I come from a Russian background and I am very interested in my culture.  Dallas and Tony are my Dad’s.  They make wonderful fathers and I love them very much. You may not know this about me but I am a very good writer and I also love math.  I made the honor roll this year for the first time in my life.  I have had a lot happen this year in fact.  I was adopted by my dad’s after living in foster care for my first 13 years of life.  I have a dog for the first time in my life.  I got to fly for the first time… I have even had smores for the first time ever, and let me tell you, they are heaven.  I love to play video games and hang out with my dad’s.  We have a lot of fun and its never boring.  I am a fan of star wars and Pokémon.  I love Hollister clothes.  Something funny you don’t know is my dad #1 (Dallas) and I like to make up songs and rhymes.  He can really make you laugh.  Dad #2 (Tony) and I love to build computers together and I get to go  to work and REALLY work with him on networks and stuff.  If you actually read this, send me an email sometime and say “Hey”.  May the force be with you….